Friday, July 29, 2011

New Products - August 2011

Here is a list of some new items that we will be carrying in stock at all times, starting on August 1, 2011:

K#DB148 Challenger Detergent 51332 20L (Dustbane)
K#DB251 Strate Flush Bowl Cleaner 53744 5L (Dustbane)
K#9634 6" Symphony Paper Plate MP6-J8001 1000/cs (Solo Cup) SHOWN BELOW
K#9635 8.5" Symphony Paper Plate MP9-J8001 500/cs (Solo Cup)
K#6357 6" Blue Plastic Plate P65B0099 500/cs (Solo Cup)
K#6358 6" Red Plastic Plate P65R0099 500/cs (Solo Cup)
K#6359 6" Yellow Plastic Plate P65Y0099 500/cs (Solo Cup)

Please call the customer service department or your sales representative for more information on these or any of our other products.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Relaunching our Company Website

We are pleased to announce that our revamped company website will go live on Tuesday August 2nd.

We have spent the better part of two months refreshing the look and updating content but one section of the website will continue to be a work-in-progress into the autumn season.

That would be our Products section - our plan is to update this section on a vendor-by-vendor basis and we will provide progress updates through this blog and all our other social media platforms as they become available.

In the end, we will have every single product we carry listed on the website and in addition to this "online catalogue", we will offer a downloadable PDF version as well once everything is complete.

We hope this will be worth the wait and once again appreciate your patience as we continue with our goal of adding value to our loyal customers.