Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ice Melter Promotion for Winter 2016/17 Now Available!

We enjoyed a very mild winter last year in Southern Ontario, with very little snow, above average temperatures and as a result, little need for ice melting products.

While we all hope that's the case again this year, we should all be prepared for when the cold temperatures arrive and bring ice and snow to our parking lots and walkways.

Kaumeyer Paper is back with its annual Ice Melter Promotion for the 2016/17 winter season, with products for every need and budget! From the premier, environmentally-friendly Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter to Combat Rock Salt, we have all of your needs covered! See the link below for details on this year's program.

- Ice Melter - Winter 2016/17 (PDF File)

Please keep in mind that there are additional savings available for full pallet purchases! Call our customer service department or your sales representative today for details or if you have questions of any kind.

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